Bulletproof Soft Armor Plate Aramid Lvl IIIA 3A 10x12 for Safe School Bag
Bulletproof Soft Armor Plate Aramid Lvl IIIA 3A 10x12
Bulletproof Soft Armor Plate Aramid Lvl IIIA 3A 10x12

Kevlar Bulletproof Soft Armor Plates STA Lvl IIIA 10x12 for Backbag


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Kevlar Bulletproof Soft Armor Plate 10x12 Lvl IIIA

Key Benefits:
Level NIJ III-A STD 0101.06.
Construction: Aramid Kevlar Fiber
Protects against penetration of bullets and fragments
Can be worn in conjunction with hard body armor plates in both and plate carriers, schoolbag, and packs.
Lower weight, greater comfort
Compatible with nearly all Plate Carriers that accept rifle plates, and some packs
Strategic stitching improves overall performance
Enhanced performance when combined
Water Resistant, Corrosion Resistant.


NIJ Level IIIA(3A) Protection
Model # SAP1012E-3A kevlar soft armor plates
Size 10" (25 cm) x 12" (30 cm) x 0.4” (10mm)
Weight 1.2 lb. (0.5 kg) 

Core: Aramid Kevlar
Cover: 200D Polyester cover, Water Proof Fabric 

Armor type: NIJ STA Level IIIA The Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) Soft Armor plates with shooter cut.

Protection Against:

                 PROJ                          BARREL         VELOCITY

Caliber     WT gr  Description      Description           F/S

.22 Mag.     45        J.H.P.             J.H.P.                 1370

.357 Mag.  158       J.S.P.             J.S.P.                  1188

.45 ACP     230       F.M.J.            F.M.J.                  827

9MM          124       F.M.J.            F.M.J.                 1400

.44 Mag.    240       J.S.P.             J.S.P.                  1400

Welcome check out our Level III Hard Armor Plates below:

Model: Type Lvl Size materials radian Plate Cut
E(T)1012-301 ICW III 10x12"
PE+AlO,2.0kg single curve shooter cut
E(T)1012-302 STA III 10x12"
PE+AlO,2.3kg single curve shooter cut
E(T)1012-305 ICW III 10x12"
PE,1.4kg single curve shooter cut
E(T)1012-306 STA III 10x12"
PE,1.6kg single curve shooter cut
E1012-306SP STA III 10x12"
PE,1.5kg single curve shooter cut
MC1012-302 STA III 10x12"
PE+AlO,2.4kg multi curve shooter cut
MC1012-304 STA III 10x12"
PE+SiC,1.95kg multi curve shooter cut
MC1012-306 STA III 10x12"
PE,1.6kg multi curve shooter cut
SP-312 STA III 10x12"
Steel,3.6kg single curve square
SAP1012E-3A Soft STA IIIA 10x12"
Kevlar,0.5kg soft shooter cut


For Level IV, please check https://www.bodyarmour.shop/collections/ballistic-plates/products/level-iv-sta-hard-armor-sapi-plates


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